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My mission is to educate people to understand that living in our fast-paced polluted, modern world requires a plan and consistent use of appropriate products to insure our health, vitality and youthful looks.

I want to support you with high quality supplements, effective skin care and protection from wireless radiation.

I want to explain "the missing link" in disease prevention.

Anti-aging = disease prevention = looking and feeling younger
Here's what comprehensive anti-aging strategies and treatments will give you: 
  • improved health
  • younger looking skin
  • less fat, more muscle
  • return of youthful vitality
  • improved athletic performance
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Maria Lee Anti-Aging Strategies and Treatments
I am offering you advice and suitable products for disease prevention, improvement in your current health, beautiful skin and return to youthful vitality.
The ultimate in anti-aging is here: GENE REJUVENATION with herbal extracts.
Ageloc Technology - Gene Rejuvenation
  • identifies genes responsible for aging
  • exclusive to Pharmanex and NuSkin
  • reprograms old genes to act young again
  • found in skincare products and supplements
No matter your age, let me rejuvenate you: improve your health, looks and athletic performance.

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Let me introduce you to my comprehensive strategies and treatments for a healthier and happier you!

By appointment only:
Discovery Medical Clinic (Walmart), 1447 Island Hwy
Campbell River, BC V9W8E5
Phone: 250-923-2352
Fax: 250-923-2314

I know the science, I can get you the right product!
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